Senior Sous Chef


We are looking for an enthusiastic Senior Sous Chef who wants to learn new skills and take the next step in their career. You will be working closely with our Executive Head Chef, Chris Swinden, in the day-to-day working operations of two busy hotels and multiple kitchens. We are looking for the skills expected at this level to cater for functions and restaurant service but also someone with keen aspirations to learn about kitchen management. This will include ordering, menu writing/pricing, organising, and people management skills.  Applicants for this position must have two years experience within a busy kitchen at a similar level. Must be over 18 with no unspent criminal convictions.

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The Sefton Group welcomes applications from people with disabilities or that have other special requirements, the purpose of the following question is to enable us to consider any steps we may need to take to accommodate these needs: Do you consider yourself to have a disability or medical issue which may significantly impact on your working ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities?

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